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Olivia is Coming Home

People can be mean, vindictive, self-righteous, and cruel.  It is the ugly side of human 

nature.  Why they act that way is not an easy question to answer.  Most victims are 

vulnerable and these bullies instinctually seem to find them and abuse them.  How the 

victims fare depends on many factors.  LSPRA attempts to do what it can to help those who 

suffer by the loss of their pet to bullies.

Last August, a vulnerable woman, Natalie, needed surgery.  She placed her dog in a kennel 

for safekeeping while she was unable to care for her.  A person she met in a self-help group, 

we will call Sandra, stepped up and offered to take care of the dog for Olivia in Sandra's  home.  Gratefully, Natalie accepted her offer.  She shouldn’t have.  The person who offered to help 

turned out to be no friend. She started a chain of events that caused harm to Natalie and a very loving Oregon couple. 


Natalie contacted Sandra daily checking on her dog, but Natalie's recovery took longer than expected.  After a few weeks, Sandra told Natalie to stop contacting her.  Apparently, Sandra decided she didn't want to care for Olivia anymore. She sent a text message to Natalie saying she found Olivia a new home.  Natalie pleaded for her dog and begged Sandra not to do it, but she still gave Olivia away and wouldn't tell Natalie who had her. 

We later discovered that Olivia went from the boarding kennel to Sandra.  Then to a man named Joe.  Joe had her about a month before he gave her to a rescue.  The rescue placed her with a couple in Oregon looking for a rescue dog. Maybe to justify her actions, Sandra told Joe that Olivia's owner abandoned and abused her.  That was the story that followed Olivia.

Natalie tried to find her dog on her own.  She placed adds and called the microchip company to flag her records.  She kept trying to convince Sandra to tell her where she sent Olivia.  All to no avail.  Then she found out about LSPRA and contacted us. She Wasn't on her own anymore.

Denese, one of our board members and volunteer recovery counselors,  worked tirelessly to find Olivia. She reached out to Sandra for information.  Sandra first appeared to be cooperative but that quickly stopped.  Denese began to get anonymous threatening messages and telephone calls from blocked numbers telling her to back off and leave the dog alone.  Law enforcement refused to intervene in recovering Olivia, but the threats stopped once the police were contacted about the threats.

Feeling as if they reached a dead end,  Denese was loosing faith she would be able to find Olivia.  But then they got a break.  Someone contacted the microchip company seeking to transfer the ownership information. Denese and LSPRA'S corporate attorney worked with a supervisor at the microchip company who agreed to contact the people trying to change Olivia's microchip.  Armed with the truth, and records to back it up, she was able to convince the couple who had and loved Olivia to reach out to Denese.  Denese negotiated a return and received Olivia last Friday from the heartbroken couple.  They knew she belonged with Natalie and that the story they were told about Olivia's circumstances was not true.

This story is very close to a happy ending for Natalie and Olivia.  But we need your help.  The best way to get Olivia back to Natalie is by air.  Natalie doesn't have the resources for a round trip ticket.  These are the types of things LSPRA can help with, but we rely on donations to do our work. If you can help us with our mission, please consider a donation to LSPRA.  We will help pay for Natalie and Olivia’s flight and travel expenses and keep on helping people and pets who need us.  

  With your generosity, so we continue the mission of recovering lost or stolen pets 

and reuniting them with their owners.  

Let’s write the last paragraph of this story together and reunite Natalie and Olivia.  Donate now by clicking the donate button below.  Thank

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